“My two young boys and I were looking for a little miracle to help us into the transition of moving into my parents house as I am a recently single mother and a month after that was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and was beginning chemotherapy. I will never forget the night you called and said you would be helping us and sending us a much needed laptop!! I also can t believe how kind you were to me when you called! The laptop you sent came within days I couldn’t believe it!! You have made such a huge difference in our lives and have brought so many smiles to our faces! It’s a piece of our own and makes treatments easier and will help us once we get through the battle we are fighting!!! My boys use the laptop for school work and entertainment during the five hour chemo treatments. I use it for everyday life tasks like paying bills, keeping track of everything I need to, and our important info is on it! From the very bottom of my heart we thank you so very much! Words can not express how grateful for your kindness!!!” Darby, age 32, breast cancer warrior

Darby & her boys


“The money you sent is a big help to us. I have never felt so alone to get the cancer diagnosis, and aftermath.  To know that there are people out there who want to help warms my heart. Sy’s Fund is the first check that we’ve received out of all the things we’ve signed up for. So I just want to say thank you for being there for us, and being so quick to jump in to aid us.”  Erik, age 33, fighting stage IV hodgkins lymphoma; received funding for acupuncture


“I am so thankful to Sy’s fund for supporting me when I have been in such complete need.  They provided a wonderful computer for me that I greatly greatly needed and it has helped immensely in all the work I have had to do to fight this! It was very frustrating to learn how much lack of support from many of the foundations that out there that did not support under 40!  Thank you Sy’s fund for your generosity and great heart in helping those who really know what it means to face life and death.  Thank you so much.
Please help Sy’s Foundation for those of the future who might face fighting cancer emotionally, physically and financially all by them selves.” Tosha, age 37, undergoing treatment for breast cancer


“When Tim was first diagnosed with Lymphoma (at age 31) we were devastated. We were newly married with a 1 year old. He went through 6 months of chemo only to have the cancer return and then need a stem cell transplant. During the last 1.5 years the road has been rocky, however, we have been blessed in so many ways. From a recommendation by a social worker at MGH we applied for assistance from Sy’s Fund.  When Tim went through the first 6 months of chemo we needed help paying for childcare while we went for treatments. With the assistance from Sy’s Fund I was able to spend a little bit more time at home caring for my infant and husband, instead of picking up extra shifts at work just to pay for childcare. Without the help from Sy’s Fund, what was already a stressful time would have been worse.  What a  blessing…A year later Tim’s cancer had returned. It was stem cell transplant time. Tim had been seeing an acupuncturist (who does concurrent deep tissue massage)  prior to the cancer returning for a second time. Once he was diagnosed again he couldn’t work so the expensive acupuncture stopped to. Tim would come home feeling like a million dollars after seeing Charlie (the acupuncturist)! He looked forward to these visits as this man was quite a master at his craft. We applied to Sy’s Fund for a second time and a check was sent to Charlie for 5 sessions of acupuncture. I have never seen my husband so excited (except recently when the hockey lock out ended)!!! The acupuncture gives him relief as the recovery time post transplant is 4-9 months.”   Jacki, wife of Tim,age 33, who has recently undergone a stem cell transplant for hodgkin’s lymphoma

Tim, Jacki, and their daughter Kaelyn