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Golly, its that time of year already: The 7th annual Sy’s Fun:D Sizzler’s Womanless Beauty Pageant. Coming soon. June 29th soon.


This will be my 4th year as a participant, 2nd year on the planning/setting up end of things, and actually my 1st year “totally in charge”, we’ve changed not only venues but city and state as well as what is included for our attendees…so, no pressure here.

Changes- We have come (back) to Keene, NH. We’ll be in the function room at Willie Mac’s Restaurant (located at the Best Western just off the Winchester Street round-a-bout.)

What does coming back to Keene mean? Well, it’s where Silas went to college (Go Keene State!) and where the Sizzler event started, so in a sense, we’re coming “home”.

This year attendees don’t have to order pizza delivered from down the street- we’ve included pub style finger foods in the ticket price. Plus, a full cash bar AND if you want a meal Willie Mac’s will be happy to serve before the show…probably during the show too if you ask nicely. But really, come eat dinner and then enjoy the show with some snacks.

The function room holds about 100 guests (after we add up all our “voluntolds” and participants ) so, seating is limited this year.

We’re offering 5 tables (each seat 10 people) up for grabs at a discount – while they last – and there are also individual seats available. Tickets/tables are on sale now.

We have 10 contestants already signed up- seven returning Sizzlers and three new Sizzlers. It is going to be an awesome show- veteran Sizzlers, “newbies”, fresh ideas, dancing, my horrible singing…

This is our second year taking donations for “Sponsor Spots” in our “program” that we hand out free to all who come. “Eric, what does this mean?” It means that we can bring in more money to fund our applicants while giving those sponsors some really nice exposure for their donation.

Last year our “photo booth” was a huge hit, so we’re bringing that back so that everyone can have a picture with their favorite Sizzlers.

What does all this mean? Well, hopefully, a sold-out show that will force us to move to one of the Best Western’s function rooms next year where we can still enjoy Willie Mac’s food and drink…but, frankly, that’s dreaming quite big. Back to reality…I hope we raise more money this year than last year so we can help more of our applicants. Yes, it is that simple.

The “we” I mention time and time again is not just Sy’s Fun:D , its Board of Directors, sponsors , and “voluntolds.” It is YOU too, because without you we’d just be group of people with lofty ideas and no money to implement those ideas. YOU attend “our” events and donate money, for that I am unspeakably grateful.

See you on June 29th!

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