As a small but mighty organization, we are constantly thinking about ways to cast our net further, with the goal of serving even more young adults who are struggling with cancer or ongoing medical issues related to their cancer or treatments.  This autumn we had to put a temporary hold on new applications while we work to secure donations to help us fund those applicants on our wait list; it was a necessary but difficult decision, as well as a clear indicator that what we provide is unique and something that is needed in the young adult cancer community. And so, we are humbly reaching out for help.


In my life there have been times when I have wanted to lend support to someone or something, but not known quite how to do it, or perhaps have felt that what I had to offer wasn’t what was needed, so ended up shying away. Now I realize that my support is usually welcome in one way or another; either in its original form or in another way that I hadn’t thought of myself.  Interestingly, in these situations where I push myself to do something out of my comfort zone, I typically end up having a good time and end up reaping benefits I wasn’t thinking about going into it. That said, I’m now encouraging you to take the risk and reach out; we would love for you to join in if our mission resonates with you, and there are many ways to do so.  

What are your passions and personal strengths?  Maybe you are good at researching grants, have a gift with graphic design, or are great with words and writing, or love fundraising. Perhaps you have experience in the legal field or are a social butterfly and do well with networking and pulling groups of people together or have great organizational skills.  These are all talents that we could put to good use. Are you part of a club or organization that gifts other nonprofits such as ours, or work for a company that matches the donations you make to charities and you’ve just been waiting for the right one to donate to? Can you see yourself planning and organizing a small (or large, or in-between) fundraiser to benefit Sy’s Fun:D, or becoming part of a fundraising committee to work with others to raise money for Sy’s Fun:D?  Can you envision doing a short video of yourself telling people why you support Sy’s Fun:D, or reading one of the thank you letters we have received from recipients to share on social media? 

If you are interested in helping us stretch our wings further, and if any of the above things resonates with you, or if you have other ideas of your own, we would love to hear from you.  Please email us at info@sysfund.org/, and share your thoughts with us. 

Thanks so much!


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