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Deanna and her children.

Much has changed in such a short period of time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  The limited freedom I, along with others, have experienced these past few months has certainly reinforced the importance of having positive distractions, driving home the value of what Sy’s Fun:D provides for young adults living with cancer.  Think about the challenges of keeping a calm mind over the past few months, and of the things that have sustained you most during this time, allowing you those much-needed mental breaks.  Undoubtedly staying connected with loved ones in whatever ways possible has been number one for most of us. What else have you done to get through these tough times?  Have you reconnected with nature, taken up gardening, learned a new craft, spent more time cooking/baking, attended webinars via zoom, or done group video chats with friends to stay in touch?  Taking the time to “nourish our souls,” even during the rough times or maybe more so then, is essential to our well-being.

It makes my heart beam big knowing how the gifts we fund our recipients often give them something to focus on outside of cancer, providing a positive distraction as well.  For Deanna, a young woman from Keene, NH, the new mattress we funded has brought much needed comfort during her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, helping her to rest easier, and giving more energy to keep up with her children.  We also recently funded an electric guitar to James, a 36-year-old musician from Tennessee who is being treated for leukemia.  James shared with me that it was refreshing for him to find our organization, which he expressed “focuses on the person and what they love, as opposed to the disease.”  He describes the work we do here as “providing gifts to feed the human spirit.”   I love that and it rings true to the conversations I have had with other recipients I have spoken with over the years.

If you are able and would like to donate to Sy’s Fun:D to help us continue providing the gifts that afford positive distractions for young adults with cancer, you can do so here through the website, or via mail if preferred:  Sy’s Fund, PO Box 3549, Ramona, CA. 92065.

No donation is too small, and your assistance helps tremendously with the work we do.  Thank you.

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