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It’s already (or finally, depending on how you look at things I suppose) March.

Scintillant Sizzler Gertie Galore AKA Eric Eichner

I’m sitting here planning for our 8th annual Sy’s Sizzlers “Womanless Beauty Pageant,” and just postponed our 3rd annual strategy/planning meeting for the event because Massachusetts has closed all of its bars/restaurants, and while the meeting takes place in NH it’s better to be “safe” than “sorry”- we’re pretty cognizant of that given who the people we help are- those with compromised immune systems (generally speaking)- those young adults who need some normalcy in their lives.  Our event goal hasn’t changed. We are still planning for the June 27th Sizzler’s event. The name will change this year. Why? OH, I am so glad you asked-there have been inquiries from women who want to be drag kings. We have two people who want to participate as kings and are “committed” to the show. That’s a big enough number for me, so this year the Sizzlers will have two “winners”- a Drag Queen and Drag King. Other changes? The show’s name? Not sure yet, got other things on our minds. Wait, what was that- “didn’t you change enough last year?” well…not all changes come from “the top”- we will have a different emcee this year- rumor has it Miss Mocha De-lite will be in command of that mic all night and Miss Rita da Cheetah will be spinning the platters (pushing buttons these days?) providing music and mayhem all evening.

Mocha and Rita are (undeniably) crowd favorites and will definitely bring a charged atmosphere into the room in new ways.  With Mocha and Rita otherwise occupied, it also means newer and first-time contestants to step onto the runway- which always “shakes things up”.  It is hard for me to not get “jazzed” about this event- it is how I became involved with Sy’s Fun:D and touches my heart deeply. Also, it has been the bridge that brought me to not only getting to know our board members, but to becoming one, as well as becoming (I hope) lifelong friends with them.  Set June 27th aside so you don’t miss the show- it will be different (isn’t it always?) and exciting.

I know it is a difficult time right now and that you may not be able to support Sy’s Fun:D as much as you would like or have in the past. I understand that; I am a selectman in my town and available time and funds won’t be what they normally are this year for our town, or myself. I think this year we will see some charitable organizations “take a hit” because we need to also help our community in other ways right now with schools closed and many people barred from working.  Those of us who can are helping to make sure that people in our towns have childcare and food. Friends have set up local (like in their truck local) “food banks” to help those in need. At Sy’s Fun:D, we always want our fund-raising events to grow- to spread the warmth and love, to raise more money to help more people. Take good care of your immediate community first, and then please continue to support Sy’s Fun:D as you can.

For now, I’m window shopping for that “perfect” dress for the show, planning for that to go on, but also prepared to postpone the show if needed. Do no harm, and help others, right?  Normally I’d say skip that coffee and donate $5 to Sy’s Fun:D , but today if the coffee place is open please support them. If they are closed support your local community as best as you can to offset the immediate crisis we are experiencing.  If you have some money left over, well heck ya send us some too but if you can’t I understand and am not disappointed nor judgey. We will still be here working to bring those meaningful gifts that bring some sense of normalcy to the young adults battling cancer and other long-term serious illnesses. Sorry, no new pageant shoes for me this year- that $50 goes to Sy’s Fun:D.

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